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Trinidad Carnival 2018


CARNIVAL MASQUERADER TIPS The 2018 Carnival Season has begun. As you start counting down, I wanted to provide some of my carnival veteran tips I’ve learned over time. From things to make sure you pack in your suitcase to bringing your carnival costume back home. Before You Go 1) Work toward the fast track. Try […]
Monday Wear by Shanyvo Designs: Trinidad Carnival

Trinidad Carnival 2018: Monday Wear by Shanvyo Designs

VIPClubMaster Trinidad Carnival Countdown! Counting down to Trinidad Carnival is just as exciting as being on the road. As featured on Global Carnival List we present to you the 2018 Monday Wear Collection by Shanyvo Designs. See below as these gorgeous models presents the 2018 Trinidad Carnival collection. The beautiful note worthy vibrant colors will be […]